Wabwila Mugala is a mixed media artist born in Zambia and currently based in North Carolina. Having moved often during  her early life, her work explores the ways we navigate inside and outside of cultures.

Goodyear Artist Residency 2021 

This body of work reconciles with defining my own lived experience, my own culture without guilt  and imposed identity that comes with existing in-between communities. Being honest about the ways I navigate and own these identities and experiences; black, woman, immigrant, first generation etc. Exploring the ways I pick and choose when to lean into “home” and being transparent about that journey.


Shown at a busy intersection, this is an on going project of projecting a powerful sentiment written by author and culture critic Bell Hooks. This phrase is from her book All About Love, a critical and emotional analysis of what love is. With it being a public art project, the phrase had to be impactful, easily digested and quick to read. It's important that these words, normally discussed in academic spaces, were in a space that was accessible to everyday people on the way to work, school or lunch.

Rule of Three / Turchin Center of the Arts / 8ft x 6ft/ 2019

"How to work with the idea of 3 and the idea of juxtapositions and triangulation…. 3 films, 3 sections of the backdrop (related and distinct). 3 makers coming together (Sukhu, Wabwila, Jennie)."

This piece was done in collaboration with 2 other women artists, curator, Jennie Carlisle and Indian filmmaker Sukhada Gokhale. The wallpaper was designed by me, inspired by Gokhales film and facilitated by Carlisle.

Show: My Place or Yours? 

Black Woman & / All 20 in x 36 in/ 2018

A on going project that began in UNCG, Black Woman & tackles the identity of being a black women outside of tropes, outside of movements? There is a lot of joy, laughing and dancing, smiling. My work celebrates the humanness of black womanhood, not "black woman but..." it's "black woman and..."

These have been shown in two exhibitions Rendering at GPS (Greensboro Project Space) in 2018 and Goodyear Arts, Peach Pie in 2019.

Inhabit/ African American Atelier/ 11 in x 17 in/ 2019

Part of group exhibition The Exchange at African American Atelier in Greensboro, NC. Inhabit is a digital collage and self portrait that explores self-perception in all its complexities. The textiles are all fabrics handed down the the artist from the matriarchs in her family, some old and new. Learning how to Inhabit certain identities and break away from others that are supposedly inherent.

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